Peace offered

The most humbling experience is the one that is filled with pain. Not physical pain. Mental, spiritual, and emotional pain. Its humbling because its this massive rock in your path , that you have to come in contact with to be able to continue your journey. For you to be able to succeed past this rock, you have no choice BUT to not only realize its there, you have to touch it, and then go as far as moving it out of your path. Why can’t I just walk around it? That answer is all so simple. It’s because you are on the path that God has for you , so by you deciding to just walk off your path, you are telling that rock that it can take you off your straight and narrow walkway , and place a curve in your road. That’s not how warriors think. You have to embrace the pain. It’s so hard for me to come to terms with this even in my walk. I’m embracing the hurt now in my personal life. It’s not easy, but its possible. It’s possible because God offers a peace that the world can never offer me. John 14:27 ( look It up for yourself) To all my readers that don’t believe in God this message can still take a seat in your lap. Because pain is experience by everyone. But the peace that I am telling you about is the peace of God. The peace of understanding and guidance. It’s the peace that stays when the storm is there. Its the ability to know that everything is already being worked out. Its the faith that you know “this too will come to pass”. Once you realize that this peace is offered to you , who wouldn’t want to experience it. All it takes is a prayer and the ability to allow the weight to be taken away from you. But you have to release the burden in whole, not parts or partial. You have to take that rock that you pushed down your path into the hands of someone who is bigger than you. Gods hands. It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie to you about that. Its going to hurt. There will be tears. It will be a struggle. But when you make it down your journey and you are walking down the rest of your path and you turn around to see how far you’ve came. That way when you start continuing your journey and you see a friend in need you can help them get through by telling them your story, your pain, and offering peace. As always stay blessed. May you prosper. May love fill you. Peace be with you. And you continue to selfishlygrow.

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Hi beautiful and amazing people of planet Earth. I really am not great at introducing myself in a box with words. With that being said to be simple I am just an ordinary young lady that is trying to share my life journey with all of you people. I express myself best by writing so I want to include you all and get feedback.

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