Past eraser

     Holding on to the past is such a damaging thing to do. It hinders you to move into the future. Its like quick sand , you’re slowly sinking.  The harder you fight the past (sand) the quicker you sink. Your past is not meant to fight. It’s meant to be a building block into your future. Its purpose is to mold you into the person that you are supposed to be. Its a new struggle. That builds character. It’s a new story that is meant to be shared. Many people try to burry their past alive. Meaning they dont deal with it. Mourn over it. Say a proper goodbye. That is the worst thing you can do. You have to be able to let it go. You have to be able to forgive people and release the skeletons in the closet. The past is nothing to be ashamed of. People can’t use what you’ve been through against you because you know what you’ve done. Learned the lesson, and have forgave yourself. The past is never supposed to be something that you dont discuss , it’s the oppurtunity to share your story, and help someone fight the same battles you fought in a better way. I think many people that succeed in life have come to terms with who they use to be ,but many of these successful people never share their before success stories due to shame and because quite frankly they didnt deal with it properly. Any true leader will take their past and tell the story. Not because their story is beautiful, but because the story is quite ugly. But the beauty is when that story sets that person free from a bondage they didn’t even know existed. I can take this advice from myself. I haven’t dealt with my story, with my past . That’s why I made this blog to give you beautiful readers my story. Not to erase my past but to build a better future. As always Much love. All the hope. Keep faith. And continue to always choose to selfishlygrow.

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Hi beautiful and amazing people of planet Earth. I really am not great at introducing myself in a box with words. With that being said to be simple I am just an ordinary young lady that is trying to share my life journey with all of you people. I express myself best by writing so I want to include you all and get feedback.

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