Long enough…

I think everyone comes to a point when they ” get sick and tired of being sick and tired”. It’s when you are just fed up with the situation or circumstance after dealing with it consistently. You finally look at the situation from the outside and throw in the white towel. This is when you say I’ve dealt with this long enough , I’ve settled long enough, I’ve been hurt long enough, I’ve cried long enough, I’ve been angry long enough, and so forth. So many ways you can end the simple phrase “Long Enough”. With that being said , What have you been dealing with long enough ? Dealing with things doesn’t make you weak , sometimes it is the cause of making you weak in the process. You get tired with every fight until , there is no fight left in you. It’s a flightless battle and the circumstances are knocking you down.  When this happens it takes faith in knowing that the victory is won and the battle has an end. It also takes strength to walk away from a dead situation. You have to give yourself that sense of peace that you have denied yourself for lowering your standards. With that being said fight for finally enough for once. Accepting that you are finally enough for yourself. It’s loving who you are and looking at the pain and disrespect that you have taken and fueling that into the love and effort you place into your own circumstances. Hold hope to your self. Faith in your future. As always continue selfishlygrowing.

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Hi beautiful and amazing people of planet Earth. I really am not great at introducing myself in a box with words. With that being said to be simple I am just an ordinary young lady that is trying to share my life journey with all of you people. I express myself best by writing so I want to include you all and get feedback.

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