The best meet and greet

God will meet you exactly where you are in life. You don’t have to wait until you are out of that sin, off that drug, committing adultery, out of that toxic relationship. God meets you at whatever level you are at. And he can take you to the next level if you allow him to come into a broken vessel. If you allow yourself to submit to his will and do his desires . God can move at your pace when you are walking into your faith , but God will also challenge you during the process helping you to reach farther into yourself allowing him to stretch your faith. God will test your strength and it will hurt and you can become frustrated with the process but in that frustration you are supposed to learn to trust God . Its the ability to trust a plan that is bigger than your own. God will present you with so many blessings and people will thank God and praise and worship him when its all good , but the faith seems to disappear when the waves get rough, the clouds start raining and the fire gets bigger. Why is it that , the same faith that blessed you isn’t the same faith that holds you through your storm , its because the enemy will make you question the power and purpose that God has in your life. Its the questions of why is this happening to me? If God loves me why did a loved one die ? Why are my parents abusive ? Why did i get molested ? Its painful to endure what you go through as being a Christian because its not an easy life and we try to be a light to non-believers and have it “all” together. Which isn’t always the case. It’s not easy being a young Christian especially when you’re new to the faith and trying to balance all the weight of growing pains and identity can be overwhelming but you have to have faith just as tiny as a mustard seed to trust that God will see you through as always #selfishlygrowing
Continue to pursue faith. Press forward. Hold hope. Touch grace. And keep love.

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Hi beautiful and amazing people of planet Earth. I really am not great at introducing myself in a box with words. With that being said to be simple I am just an ordinary young lady that is trying to share my life journey with all of you people. I express myself best by writing so I want to include you all and get feedback.

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