We left before the relief.

Its okay to run back to that old space. Its okay to look back at the past and where you came from. It’s okay to share your testimony and your story of where you have came from. Its okay to be vulnerable ,open, and genuine. Its okay to be human. You wanna know why? Because God is at every step of that journey . Waiting for you to call on him and allow him to guide you through those steps . Making him the permanent footprints in your path and all you have to do is have the faith to choose his footpath instead of so easily making your own down the other path. Its you choosing to follow his will. It’s you having faith that the destination is just for you . Wherever that path is , is not the end of your story its the beginning of your journey to help others along their journey. The christian faith is the most lonely journey but the most friendly journey . The reason I say that is because many wont accept the things you wont accept and take it as hate because you hold true to the word of God. As Christian we love all people , we just are not accepting the sin of a person. The same way as a friend that upset you , you still love your friend you just aren’t accepting of her actions . Its the same way with our faith we offer and offer jesus to people and we help them through showing them how we use God to get through difficulties but its only an offer its never forced because God is a God of free will. We just offer the water , we are the example of the benefits of the water but we are not the example that drowns them with the water. So offer your water with confidence in where you are and with your story of how you came to Jesus, but do it with Love as you will never be the judge of someones heaven or hell placement for you have no such authority. God is a merciful God and all loving and that is the way you are to offer your water. Because its okay to meet God at whatever place were in. As always keep love . Touch grace. Hug faith , comfort hope and continue to selfishlygrow

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Hi beautiful and amazing people of planet Earth. I really am not great at introducing myself in a box with words. With that being said to be simple I am just an ordinary young lady that is trying to share my life journey with all of you people. I express myself best by writing so I want to include you all and get feedback.

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